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Boss Your Branding Online Webinar


The multi-sell out branding webinar by Georgie Summerscales.


Something I get asked often is how I create, sleek, attention grabbing advertising and posts to market my business, especially when it comes to my social medias, in particular Instagram.


It’s knowledge that is a must have for any new business just starting out or any established business wanting to up their game in marketing!


It’s a topic that I always cover when I teach my students within all of my training courses because it’s not just about the lashes or the brows or the services that you are offering. You need to know how to market correctly to build your business from scratch, to gain a client base and become successful in your field.


Boss Your Branding is your basic, 101 introduction guide on how you can create eye catching adverts and posters for your social media.


You will learn how to understand your target audience and how to market to and manifest your ideal clientele.

I’ll walk you through my favourite apps such as Canva Design platform and Word Swag App, showing you the ins and outs of how to get started. I will share with you my top tips and tricks on how I create content, how to find your own vibe and get inspired by others and course a couple of my secrets.


This webinar is suitable for everyone (not just lash and brow artists)

If you have a business (any business) and feel totally clueless on where to start for marketing and advertisements and you don’t want the extra expensive of paying a design team to do it for you then the Boss Your Branding webinar is for you!




2.5 hour approx.


Location: Where ever you choose! You will receive a recording of our pre-recorded webinar for you at watch at your leisure with a cup of coffee, notepad and fluffy pen (fluffy pen optional)


upon completion you will receive your digital certificate of participation.


If you would like some further information please contact Georgie at