Lash Lifting 

Lash Lifting has been in the Lash World for a fair few years now but over the past year has made the headlines for its low maintenance, instant results. 

Imagine being able to wake up and go in the morning without the need to curl your lashes and apply coats and coats of mascara just to look awake. 

Ditch the curlers and say Hello to Lash Lifting!


 With results lasting 6 - 8 weeks, very little to no maintenance required its a popular treatment for holidays or even just a treat for that pick me up!

Lash Lift & Tint - £40



Please Note:

If you are diabetic or pregnant you will be unable to have Lash Lifting due to glucose and hormone levels.

 Patch tests will be needed 24 hours prior to your first treatment at OTL


Non - Refundable booking fees apply to new clients.

You will be required to pay 50% of your treatment price the day of booking to secure your appointment.

Without the booking fee the appointment will not be booked or secured.

*This will be deducted from the treatment price on the day*