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Happy 2020 my loves!!

How was your Christmas and New Year? Feels like forrrrever ago right?! 😅 I can't believe we are into February already! How crazy is that?! Like, we have only 10.5 months of 2020 left 😶 really makes you feel like you want to get your ass into gear doesn't it 😏💪🏼

So I've been trying something a little new with my social media recently (specifically my instagram account) and I wanted to share my experience with you and give you some tips and tricks that have really worked to improve my interaction and engagement over the past month 🙌🏼

Now... Let me kick this off by saying... I am no social media Guru. I haven't taken any fancy shmansy course, I don't have degree or any qualifications in marketing or promotions and half of the time I'm just winging it if I'm totally honest but hopefully you'll find this helpful! It's going to be a shorter blog but these few things, I've found, have been really effective.

I guess you could say this is aimed closer at beginners to social media.. like I say I'm no pro 😅

More Than A Number

For me, it's not about the figure anymore. How many followers I have or getting a thousand likes on an image.. This aint what I'm after.

It's about what comes from it.

Are people actually interacting with me, do they have an interest in my work or my business?

Am I getting what I want from being on Instagram? Am I feeling inspired and motivated or am I scrolling for hours on end and not achieving anything or being productive?

I made a decision at the beginning of the year to unfollow a ton of accounts.

I went through each account I followed and if it didn't catch my eye or inspire me immediately I hit unfollow.

A bit cut throat I know.. but what happened after I did this was incredible. Posts from accounts I love were popping up again. I was liking more posts, commenting more and in turn getting people doing the same with my account.

My spark has been reignited and my brain has been buzzing with ideas with every single post I see and story I watch.

Now this isn't to say I would never re-follow these accounts it just means that right now they aren't serving a purpose for me, personally.

I also went through who follows me. There are app bot things you can get that tells you who follows and unfollows you but they don't really interest me.

If someone wanted to unfollow me that's cool with me hun. It means that I'm not relevant to them and why would you want someone who wasn't interested in you or what you're posting about following you anyway.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

There accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers but that aren't getting any interaction.. I don't see the point myself. You could have 50 followers but every single one is interacting with you, commenting, have an interest in what you're doing - that means more to me. 🥰

Every account without a profile picture I would delete (apart from my mother who hasn't figured out how to add a picture yet🙄🤣). Accounts like manufacturers because they are only getting in touch to sell me things, they are aren't going to interact with me other than to push product in my face. 🙅🏼‍♀️

Doing this condensed things for me, making it a lot more manageable to see what I wanted to see, to interact with the accounts I want to and see more of what keeps me fired up! 🔥

Life In The Grid

When it comes to my 'grid' or some may call it 'feed' I like to think of this of my magazine cover. I post my best work and I try to make my posts relevant like I'm not just posting something for the sake of it. Pictures of my work have to have the best lighting, crisp and focused, 'wordy' images with lots of text I keep on my wave length, positivity, motivational. I want people to interact with my posts. I want others to see it and be blown away or find it helpful, informative so much so that they want to chat with me. Now and then I'll boost a post on my grid but it's rare.

Get Chatty

So people are commenting on your posts, what now? Comment back of course! Get chatting to them! It could be long winded, it could be a simple 'Thank You' or an emoji.. 💕🥰🙏🏼 always always reply to comments. It shows the follower that you actually give a shit about their presence!

I block out time in my diary every day to reply to all comments from that day.

Once a week I take time to go through the people I follow and comment and like and engage with their posts striking up conversations and that have ultimately resulted in bookings or a new friend in the industry 👯‍♀️💕

Story Time

Stories are a great way to interact with your followers without a major commitment like a post. I throw alsorts on stories. What I'm up to during the day, studio life, videos of my trainings, a bit about me and my life and of course pictures of my doggo Zak.. 🐶 okay maybe I need to post less of my dog🤭🤣 but these stories are only active for 24 hours so does it matter too much? 🤔

Take advantage of the feautures on your stories too! I regularly use the poll option, like a vote, and the slider emoji bar thingy but there are sooo many more. I love the poll option it's inspired a lot of posts for me and given me insight to what my followers want to see more of. Don't just ask what they want to see be savvy with it 🤓

Have a google, have a look on Youtube learn how to use them and why. This will help people seeing your stories to interact on there, hopefully passing them onto your gird and ether bring you business or knowledge and get your name out there! 👋🏼

Slidin' Into The DMs

I reply to every DM. Be that a long winded DM, a question or enquiry or even someone just reacting to my story - I always give it a heart or reply and recognise the person who has slid into my DMs. This will let Instagram know that people are interacting with my stories (even if it's just an instant emoji) and more importantly, that I'm interacting back. Plus this gives you a rapport with your audience. You care about them, about their opinion, about the fact they have bothered to interact with you! 🙏🏼

The Real Gurus

If you're totally new to Instagram I would highly recommend giving The LashBase Podcast a listen. LashBase Jamie & Amy talk you through everything you need to know, the basic 101 how to from setting up your account, the do's and dont's, to how to understand your insights and the dreaded algorithm. It's a 2 parter so grab a notepad, a brew and some snacks and give it a listen! I learnt sooo much and made a ton of notes! Tap the pic below it will take you straight to them! 👇🏼

Consistency Is Key

Whatever you're doing, make sure that it's consistent. Set yourself a realistic target of how many posts you want to post onto your grid per week. Remember these need to be relevant, so you're not posting for the sake of it if that makes sense. I set myself a target of 3 solid, relevant posts per week. You may not have time to do that and that's totally fine but work with what you have time to do. Even if that means you block yourself time out to do this. Prepare your content and post with purpose!

When it comes to stories it's a little different. I kinda throw all sorts on there but my 'theme' will be consistent for that day so that the stories flow nicely as viewers are watching them.

Summerise Dis

In a nut shell you want to try: ✔️ Follow those who inspire the heck outta YOU

✔️ Unfollow accounts that don't serve a purpose for YOU

✔️ Comment more on the accounts YOU love

✔️ Post like you mean it - keep it relevant not just for the sake of it

✔️ Be consistent, be be consistent

✔️ Sop stressing over the number of likes - YOU are MORE than a number. Soooo much more darlin' 💕

✔️ Last but by no means least. Be yourself 🙏🏼

Give it a whirl & lemme know if you notice a difference!

Until next time



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