Invest In Rest - My Top Tips

"When You Get Tired Learn To Rest, Not Quit" - Banksy

Raise your hand if you've ever felt so completely and utterly overwhelmed by work, constant notifications from the online world, even just life in general, that you've wanted to shut yourself away from the world, live in your PJs and hide in your bed for a few days...🙋🏼‍♀️

I’ve recently been in a state of semi-hiding and I felt so inspired, by basically feeling totally crap, that I wanted to write a something about learning to stop, to rest and recoup.

You know the drill.. grab a snack and get ready for my top tips on how to rest your mind, body and soul and regain some control over your life!

In Demand

When I became self employed I realised very quickly that you're never truly off the clock.

Let me guess.. you've felt it too? It is totally normal I promise you it is.

I used to make sure I was getting back to every comment and enquiry straight away. I would work crazy hours, sometimes 14 hour days, to fit people in! This was all fine and dandy when I was building my business and I had the time to do all this but now that my days are full it can get really overwhelming, leaving me exhausted, burnt out and more often than not bed bound for a few days.