Lashes Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Updated: Jan 10

The most magical season of the year is now upon us. A festive holiday of glitzy parties and family gatherings where you want to look and feel your best.. right?! 🤩🎄🍸🍾

Sure you do!! So you think.. “I’m going to treat myself and get some eyelash extentions”

Fabulous darling! Let’s get you some gorgeous lashes! 🙌🏼💃🏼

BUT... first I’m going to give you some advice on how to find a great Lash Artist and not end up with The Nightmare Before Christmas! 😷

Do Your Research

Make sure you're checking the artists work. Stalk their social media accounts and website to look through their portfolio, make sure you can see that their work is beautiful and of a high standard. Ask to see pictures of their work, they won't mind showing you!

Good Things Come To Those Who Book In Advance

I'm going to be honest here.. If the artist you're wanting to go to has a bit of a waiting list for appointments then you know that they are good. Now I'm not saying that someone who can fit you in soon isn't good. It could be that they are newer to the industry and are still building their client base or you could be extremely lucky and manage to snag a cancellation slot. But more often than not if they are damn good at what they do they will be booked up far in advance, so expect to wait.

Ask Questions

I can literally talk about lashes and what I do until the cows come home. I'm pretty sure all brilliant artists, who have a passion for what they do will not mind in the slightest that you want to pick their brains. Don't be scared to ask about qualifications too, how long have they been trained, do they continue to learn and expand their skills and knowledge. They won't (or they shouldn't) take offence.. I love it when clients ask me a million questions because it shows me that they care about the treatment they are having done.

Quality Over Cost

I'm going to say this, apologies in advance if I offend anyone.... £25 Russain Volume Sets are a MYTH. There is no way that any self respective Lash Artist can charge £25 for an amazing set of lashes that takes them 2, 3 or 4 hours to create...

Depending on your area, expect to be paying anywhere from £55+ for a full set of Russian Volume Lashes. If your Lash Artist is newer to the game then they may have some special offers available on a cheaper rate but please, please, please do not book with someone just because the price is cheaper.

Good work ain't cheap and cheap work ain't good!


Be Realistic

Asking for a "natural yet full and glam, long but not overly long, thick and fluffy yet neat and uniformed" set will only increase the chances of your Lash Artist rolling their eyes at you 🙄😅

Let's be realistic over this. Extensions are attached to your natural lashes so if you don't have a lot of natural lashes or they are very thin, weak and short you don't have a chance of getting long, thick and lush lashes.

Another thing.. chances are you're not going to be able to have the same look that you've screen shotted of that 20 something year old instagram model.. because you’re not the same person! Let‘s be our own unique beauty 😍

Everything I do in studio is bespoke. I always meet my clients for a chat and patch testing before their full set so I can get a good idea of what they are after, if I can achieve this, if not then what can I achieve.

Overly heavy lashes are only going to damage your own natural lashes. Over time the follicle (where your lashes grow) will think, well sod this every time I try to grow she goes and puts this damn heavy thing on me and I cant cope so thats it, I'm out, girl bye... and that follicle will stop growing the lash.

Listen to your Lash Artist and their advice 🙏🏼

Health Over Everything

This monstrosity (I’m not even going to call it a set) took me over 4 HOURS to remove... Look away now if you’re squeamish...

I felt so awful for this poor girl. It was stuck all over her skin, lashes piled on lashes with a bucket of glue and she was crying in pain... words fail me.

Whoever did these is the exact reason why lash extensions get a bad name...

This isn’t Lash Artistry, this isn’t Classics, this isn’t Russian Volume, this is BULLSHIT! 🤬

You only have 1 pair of eyes. Just 1 set for your whole life and your sight is so so important! Why wouldn't you be bothered about someone messing around near your precious peepers?! 🤔👀

When In Doubt Strip It Out

Okay, so this is me saying this... if you cannot get your lashes done it isn’t the end of the world.. yes I’m saying it 😅

There are some incredible strip lashes available on the market these days that are super affordable, easy to use and look amazing!

My personal faves are from Studio Sister in Leeds (shout to Jalé & The Sisterhood) 💪🏼👯‍♀️

I hope that this blog has helped you and that you get booked in for some incredible, lush lashes for your festive frivolities 💃🏼🍾🎄

Whatever you're doing this holiday season, party hard, stay safe, spend it holding your loved ones and keep yo’ lashes clean! 💕

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases & a very Happy New Year! 🙏🏼

Until next year..



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