The Diary of a Yorkshire Lash Artist - Part 1

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

It's me .. Georgie!

Welcome To My First Blog!

I've been thinking about creating a blog for a hot minute now but because I'm a major procrastinator I've put it off and put it off, worrying about what the heck to write about, will people even read this? But here we are and here we go..

(Note: I do have a habit of rambling on.. I'm writing this after having re-read it but I promise I will try not to do them all this long! Grab a brew and maybe a snack..)

Let's kick this off in early 90's, Blind Date style..

Hey Beautiful! My name is Georgie, I'm 28 and I am a Lash Artist from Shipley!

*cue wooos from the crowd*

Here is a 3 year old me and my little sis.. yes that is my natural hair colour haha!

Me, Myself + I

A little about me and my life. I was born and raised in Shipley, West Yorkshire. I've lived in the area my whole life and although the area may sometimes be a little, shall we say, questionable, it's my home and I love my life here.

From a young age I was a typical girlie girl, I could talk for England (I still can), I loved anything arty and my attention to fine detail was impeccable (as well as my supreme skill of being able to select the most expensive of items.. yes, it drove my Mam and Dad to despair)

So I guess I knew pretty early on that I would end up doing something creative, working with, I guess, the 'finer things' in life and anything that would involve a lot of attention to detail. Mam has always said I would great as CSI!

*Skip forward a few years*

I hated school (mainly down to the relentless bullying - If you're reading this and going into year 7, let's say you're a little larger and taller than the other kids PLEASE DO NOT perm your hair so you can look like an S Club Junior - I got the nickname Hagrid pretty quickly) When I was due to leave school at 16 I wanted to be a wedding dress designer. Back then there wasn't an easy way to get into that without heading to Uni and it just wasn't something I had thought about or wanted to do. Pressures of school, people around me and what was 'expected' of me at that age, I was pushed into staying on to do A-Levels but I did have an interest in beauty. Weird in a way because my Mam NEVER let me wear make-up before Beauty School - Thank you by the way because my skin is ace!

I enrolled on an evening course doing manicures and pedicures while I did my first year in Sixth form to get a feel of what felt like the right thing to do. I also like to take on a million projects at once.. what can I say I love a challenge!!

I instantly fell in love with the beauty industry and left Sixth Form after my first year to join The Yorkshire College of Beauty for their first Advanced Apprenticeship course (thats NVQ Levels 2 + 3 in 1 year rather than 2 years)

Finding Myself

After qualifying (with distinctions I might add - I was proper chuffed with that) I bounced around a couple of beauty salons trying to find my feet in the industry when I landed a job at a well known local private hospital, working alongside some of the UK's finest cosmetic surgeons. It was, at the time, my dream job and for a young 19 year old the money was insane!! Like, no 19 year old should be able to have that amount of money - I do wish sometimes I could go back and shake myself and tell myself to save it but knowing me I would have laughed in my face and headed to the pub!

I was at the clinic 3 and a half years specialising in skincare and massage but I wasn't truly happy. I really missed the buzz of a salon environment and as much as they were an amazing hospital they didn't really understand the beauty industry, nor did they want to.

I decided to take the biggest risk of my life and put everything I had on the line to follow my dream..

On The Lash in late 2013

The Before.. This was the first day I visited the studio to view it - June 2013

On The Lash

August 2013. I HATED this place when I first saw it.

At the time, I cursed my Dad for

'making' me take this particular spot.

It was dark, dingy, dirty and not at all what I had envisioned MY salon looking like. I mean what was he thinking?!!

Dad being a builder joiner promised me he would transform it.


Thanks for that Pap.. You were right!

I always get asked where the name

On The Lash came from. It was picked from a long list of names, put in a hat, got picked out and it just stuck.

Love it or hate it .. everyone knows where it is! Baildon Bridge, next door to a hairdressers called Curl up 'n' Di, on the end of the drive for the working mens club.

It still makes me chuckle now!

This is when my life really changed and I began my 'Lash Journey' as I call it.

Fake It 'Till You Make It

Oh how naive and unprepared I was haha! At 22, I had no plan, no business knowledge (other than growing up seeing my Dad self-employed) I pretty much winged it (I still have days where I feel like I'm winging it) but I had sooo much passion for what I did. I would work stupid hours 9am - 11pm trying to fit anyone in who enquired, cut my costs for reviews that would help to build my reputation. It was hard. Honestly there were days when I first started that I would sit and do nail swatches or play with lashes, clean my little space and wait.. and wait.. and wait.. no walk ins, no enquiries, not a thing and the only perk of my day, every day, at the same time, I saw this cute guy walk past (I'll fill you in on him later).

I did go through a stage where I wondered if I was doing the right thing. Was I meant to do this? Was I meant to have my own studio? Should I take the easy route, pack it all in and get a 'normal' job..

The Here + Now

After 6 years of business, On The Lash has grown to be more successful than I could have imagined. Not only am I a working Lash Artist, I'm an educator and a mentor, working with the best brands in the industry, teaching the Lash Artists of the future, watching them take their first steps into the industry just like I did, their businesses flourishing and skills and confidence growing. I still lash 4 days a week although the way business is going this may be dropping to 3 days as I make more availability for training classes. I love nothing more than learning new skills myself (I'm a total Lash Nerd and LOVE doing training courses), watching my students gain confidence and the joy on my clients faces when they see my art on their eyes. I've met some of the most inspirational, influential people in this industry and my closest friends (and my best friend) I have met through this industry. It has quite literally changed my life - in more ways than you will ever know.

Well... I hope you're still awake after reading all of this!

So the point of this blog and why I decided to start it is that I want to be able to connect with everyone. Wether you're a Lash Artist starting your career or well into your career, if you're a client looking to have lashes and want some advice how to choose your artist or maybe you've had a Lash Nightmare, I'm going to explain how its supposed to be done. Everything I chat about will be the latest, most updated knowledge so you get the most from my waffle. There will be posts about the Lash Industry, business tips and tricks and knowledge that may help you along the way in your own journey and career and some great knowledge and information, including things to look out for, if you're thinking about getting your lashes done.

I've got my little list of potential monthly blogs at the ready but if you're reading this and there's anything in particular you would like to know about or fancy reading then hit me up in the comments section (I think that's how this works..) and I'll get on it!

Oh I almost forgot! Remember that cute guy who used to walk by my studio every day?

I married him.

Until next time,



David + Georgie - March 2019


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